How Do Candles Play A Role In Stress Relief?


The aromatherapy candles play a great role in soothing the mind and providing relief which causes decreased level of stress.

Stress is a phenomenon that is faced by everyone at some point of life. The intensity of stress may vary and the causing factors can be different as well among different people. Stress makes a person agitated and irritated and he is unable to enjoy life.

CAUSES OF STRESS Stress is a naturally occurring phenomenon. To explain it in scientific term, it is simply the body’s reaction to a situation where a body makes a ‘flight or fight’ reaction. The state of body during that reaction is in an alert state where our mind and body are agitated. This agitation causes us to react for our survival. However, the intensity of the situation may vary from person to person because, the person’s experience will delay the reaction or the situation will not be enough to express a proper reaction. Even though the reaction is not fully expressed, it causes stress over a long time.


There stress causes psychological and physical changes in the body which can cause disorders in a person. Prolonged stress in anyone could lead to anxiety, depression and stress related disorders along with physical reaction including constipation, headaches, coronary pain, stroke and mental breakdown. Stress is usually psychological and induced through various situations. The best way to handle stress is to find and solve the stress causing factors. While many people would think that stress can be cured with medication, it is not the solution. The stress should be handled with the help of therapy. In therapy, we can change the environmental cues that can cause stress and help in reducing those factors.


Lavender Scented Soy Candle

Aromatherapy is a great way of reducing stress. Our olfactory senses i.e. our sense of smell in which our nose and nasal cavity are involved compose a sensory system that works in cohesion with our other senses. The olfactory sense organs are close to the brain and they have a direct pathway of stimulating the cerebral cortex which can be called the emotional centre of the brain. It stimulates the happy, aversive, and sad and anger in the human brain. The aromatherapy can help in stimulating the cerebral cortex via the olfactory senses and helps induce moods that play a role in stress reduction. The olfactory senses also help reduce mental stress and the oil that are used in aromatherapy have proven effects in reducing the effect of stress causing factors.

SCENTED CANDLES One of the most popular devices used in aromatherapy are scented candles. Scented candles have always been a part of therapeutic treatments. They have steadily gained popularity among people for their effectiveness in stress relief. There might be a few reasons why scented candles are so popular including;

  • Scented candles are cheaper and much easily available

  • Scented candles are convenient to use

  • Scented candles have a milder scent that works like an incense which helps propagate the aroma on a wider scale.

  • Scented candles rarely have any harmful effects on health.

So, scented candles are a very popular device in the aromatherapy as they provide that goodness of the aromas and oils in a balanced way to the user and create an atmosphere that relieves stress in the user.

A simple way to relieve some of that stress is by implementing aromatherapy to our daily routines through candles.

Aromatherapy is one of the most simple yet effective ways to combat stress, by exposing our senses to soothing aromas can positively affect hormone production, brain chemistry and stress levels.

So you are experiencing stress but don’t have time to go to a therapist. Go home light a candle and relax.

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