Tip For Your First Craft Show

Every crafter puts all his/her love in making a craft product. It is therefore every craftsmen’s dream is to showcase their crafts on fairs and craft shows. It is very rewarding to get positive feedback on your products. Comments and remarks can help you grow and improve your products.

I can recommend every artist, artisan or craftsman to participate in craft markets, artisanal markets or fairs. It is so rewarding. It will make you so happy. These are in fact the places where you will learn a lot about your products and clientele.

I sell my Handmade Soy Wax Scented Candles. I love my candles. What I’m actually selling on craft markets is the love I put in my candles, the experience my scented candles give and the quality of my products.

At Craft Markets I learn how to sell my Handmade Candles!

How can you prepare for your first Craft Show? I am happy to share you my experience by giving you some personal tips.

  1. Don’t spend a lot of money on showcasing your products. Your products are fantastic of themself. Above all: You will be ok!

  2. It can be a bit stressful, but don’t overdue yourself! Go with your gut.

  3. Display all the kinds, flavours or sorts of products you have, and have extra at hand reach. People don’t like to wait. Help them by organising your products.

  4. Have enough Samples available on a visible place. And have signs set up asking the people not to open products, but to use the samples. In my case, people are not suppose to open every candle jar to smell the lovely fragrance, because then they will break the seal. Instead I have enough samples available.

  5. Only display the products you have. In my case, I only display the sizes and fragrances I actually have in stock. To make it easy to the customer, I place coloured dots on the jars, a different colour for each fragrance. A card displays the name of the fragrance so customers know what scent they are smelling.

  6. Do research! Pick the events that fit your target group.

  7. Always talk to your fellow crafters. They can provide some great insight and can tell you what shows to attend, whom to call and how to successfully sell more products.

  8. Try not to get discourage if you don’t sell anything the first half of the day. You never know when the big flow of people will come trough, just make sure you keep a big smile.

  9. Don’t be shy. Be friendly when people are passing by as if you talk to them in a bar. Be friendly, attentive and helpful.

  10. Show you products and explain how you made it. Customers will love to hear it and gain interest in your products.

  11. Read their body language, some times they just need a welcoming Hello from you to walk in to your booth and buy.

  12. And last the MOST IMPORTANT tip I can give you: always SMILE :)!

At these craft markets, you can experience all my Scented Candles yourself. Do you want to know at which Craft Show, Market or Fair I will sell my Homemade Soy Candles next? Like my Facebook page or subscribe to my email updates! Then I will keep you up to date!

You Will Be OK!

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