My Handmade Cinnamon Chai Candle captures the essence of this much loved, and centuries old beverage, with notes of black teacinnamon and sweet vanilla.

While it has year-round appeal, this scent creates an especially warm and inviting feeling during the fall and holiday season.

Picture yourself seating in front of the fireplace while enjoying a good conversation with a loved one while drinking your favorite Chai Latte. That is the feeling you’d get when you light up my Soy Wax Cinnamon Chai Candle.


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  • Our Nordic Candle is made with our own blend of waxes for a premium performance with a luxurious blend and fragrance throw, our blend includes, soy, palm, coconut, beeswax.

    Nordic Candles are made in small batches all by hand with two wooden wicks to add to the luxury and the coziness of our candles. 


This candle is infused with natural essential oils, including:

    • Cinnamon Leaf
    • Clove Bud
    • Orange Oil.